"Stocking cap" and "[hair-]do rag"' revisited

Wilson Gray hwgray at GMAIL.COM
Sat Nov 19 21:20:41 UTC 2005

A while ago, I noticed that the local variety store - or "drugstore," as it
terms itself - had a shelf of _Murray's Hair Pomade_. Murray's is a hair
dressing quite popular in the black neighborhoods of my youth. Seeing the
tubs of Murray's reminded me of something else. In addition to the pomade,
the company also sold an item that it called the "Murray's Hair-Pressing
Cap." This item was a professionally-made stocking cap. It looked almost
exactly like the tight-fitting caps worn by, e.g. black football players,
except that it was available in only one color: black, like the "T-Model"
Ford. [Hm! I haven't noticed it till now, but "T-Model" clearly has the same
structure as "hoppergrass" and "peckerwood."]

WRT to do-rags, I've noticed that black men with shaven heads are now
wearing them as a fashion statement. It looks pretty lame to me. But what do
I know? My fashion sense is two generations old. ;-)
-Wilson Gray

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