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It's only ".. into one basket" for me. Hence, "... in the wrong basket" has
an eggcornish feel to it. I've never heard or read "... in the same basket"
or any other variant before. A mere coincidence, no doubt. But please note
that I supply a question mark with my submission, indicating that I expect
that there may be differing interpretations of the evidence and that I in no
way wish to suggest that the example _necessarily_ is to be interpreted as
an an eggcorn.

-Wilson Gray

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> Wilson Gray wrote:
> >"... putting all my eggs in the wrong basket."
> >
> Well, I'm not convinced we should be putting all our finds in the
> eggcorn basket.
> (There's actually quite a bit of variation about what should modify
> "basket" in this idiom: <>. Were you
> thinking of "wrong" instead of "one"? I was more familiar with "same",
> which wouldn't give rise to an eggcorn in any case.)
> Chris Waigl
> who is a bit taken aback by the recent submissions on the forum part
> of the Eggcorn Database, which look just a little off, un-eggcornish.
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