Chris Waigl cwaigl at FREE.FR
Tue Nov 22 20:48:07 UTC 2005

Wilson Gray wrote:

>It's only ".. into one basket" for me. Hence, "... in the wrong basket" has
>an eggcornish feel to it. I've never heard or read "... in the same basket"
>or any other variant before. A mere coincidence, no doubt. But please note
>that I supply a question mark with my submission, indicating that I expect
>that there may be differing interpretations of the evidence and that I in no
>way wish to suggest that the example _necessarily_ is to be interpreted as
>an an eggcorn.
I didn't mean to sound in any way unhappy, and my reference was to those
on the site in any event. It just looks to me -- though I neglected to
search for the version with "into", so maybe my idea of what the
"standard version looks like is unidiomatic -- that people use so many
variations of this idiom that not much can be concluded from someone
writing "in the wrong basket" even if he or she thinks this _is_ the
standard variant.

Chris Waigl


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