Simoleon (1883)

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I forgot what we had for this "origin unknown."
_THAT  WONDERFUL DOLLAR.; A Silver "Samoleon" with a Plug of Gold. _
G. Boston Daily Globe (1872-1960).  Boston, Mass.: Feb 13, 1891. p. 3 (1
_OUR  ASH WIELDERS.; Ball Players' Path Not RoseStrewn. Life Upon the
Road--Terrors to  Boarding Mistress. How Victory or Defeat Affects the
Team--Base-Running Dangers.  ... Ball Carefully Laid Training Becomes More Serious. Not to
Irregular Habits  Life Looks Very Rosy. Playing Ball is Hard Work _
JOHN  MONTGOMERY WARD. Boston Daily Globe. Sep 9, 1888.  p. 18 (1 page)
("Simoleon" is here somewhere.)
     _The Salem Daily News_
(  _Thursday,
November 07, 1889_
(  _Salem,_
(   _Ohio_
...strong or weak, and schemers bold or SIMOLEONS speak I Some  men have

_The Davenport Gazette_
(  _Tuesday,  June
26, 1883_
(  _Davenport,_
(   _Iowa_
ange:1753-1893)   ...unto Mr. and  did offer to him manv fat SIMOLEONS and
tal- ents of gold  and..
A dollar.
1896  _G. ADE_ (   Artie
vii. 63 He said I could have it for four hundred samoleons. 1913  _C. E.
MULFORD_ (  Coming of
Cassidy vii. 112  Sixty-two bucks, three score an' two simoleons; all I've
got,  every cent. 1952  _A.  LOMAX_
(  Mister Jelly Roll 194 By the  late twenties the golden simoleons
began rolling in. 1977  D. ANTHONY  Stud Game i. 8, I bet the limit,  five
thousand simoleons.

The deal is, someone doesn't know how to spell. The slang word  simoleon 'a
dollar' is found in all major college dictionaries, spelled  that way. It's
usually considered somewhat old-fashioned, but is still in use.
The word's origin is uncertain. The most widely accepted theory suggests that
 it's a blend of simon, an obsolete slang term for a dollar, and  napoleon, a
gold coin of France that was worth 20 francs.
"Simoleon" is first found in the very late 19th century and is an Americanism
 through and through.

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