Moc toe (1944)

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Thu Nov 24 01:32:42 UTC 2005

I just bought some new shoes. I asked the store guys about slang and was
given "mac toe." OED has this--to 1974?
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Chicago Daily Tribune  (1872-1963). Chicago, Ill.: Mar 25, 1944. p. 5 (1
page) :
Popular moc toe slip-on in sturdy antiquated leather with composition soles
and heels.

moc-toe, n.

N. Amer.
[< _MOC_
(  n.
+ _TOE_
(  n.]
A toe on a boot or shoe resembling  the toe of a moccasin, and typically
having a leather fringe. Freq.  attrib.
1974  Cleveland (Ohio) Plain  Dealer 27 Oct. 9-C/5 (advt.)  Trim 5-eyelet
moctoe blucher in rich Redwood color. 1984  Sears Catal. 1985 Spring-Summer 395
Classic Kiltie has moc toe, grooved sole with C-inch heel and cushioned heel
pad. 1994  Vibe Nov. 105 (advt.)  Moc-toe logger boots.

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