Kung Pao

Joel S. Berson Berson at ATT.NET
Thu Nov 24 02:06:50 UTC 2005

Did you search for "kung bao" or "gong bao"?

At 11/23/2005 07:57 PM, you wrote:
>KUNG PAO--427,000 Google hits
>KUNG BAO--9,830 Google hits
>This dish (in today's NY Times) is not in the OED (of course). That's why
>they pay me the millions that they do.
>I'll do a cookbook search at another time.
>Finally, he came to  the light, brownish sauce. "Sichuan chefs use a bean
>sauce, but we use a sweet  sauce, and that's a big difference," Mr. Wang said.
>"After the leg meat is  chopped, a little fermented rice soup should be added.
>Authentic gong bao jiding  should carry a little aroma of litchi. A little
>sweetness is a must."

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