Saving the World (was online accent quiz)

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Maybe he could be introduced to the "All-English is Irish" guy.


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> At 1:11 AM +0000 12/4/06, Tom Zurinskas wrote:
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> >I have published books analyzing the English language in a way no others
> >have done.
> That I can well believe.
> >  Truespel Book 4 analyzes 15.4 millioin word instances to show
> >how our letters work and how our phonemes are spelled in USA English.  It
> >uses truespel, a new pronunciation guide spelling/writing system.  I believe
> >that teaching truespel as a phonetics first system to k-1 learners will help
> >them learn to read and reduce crime (crime data were provided in a previoius
> >email).
> And very convincing they were too.
> >  IBM's Writing to Read has shown that a phonetics first system
> >allows kids to write and read way ahead of pears, and transition to tradspel
> >is no problem
> Well, now I'm finally hooked.  If only we could get all our children
> could write and read as well as pears (especially those famous
> Bartletts)...
> LH
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