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I'd also argue against making the list to ADS members only. Having
participated in a large number of lists and internet discussion forums over
the years, the signal-to-noise ratio on ADS-L is very, very high. While we
do experience the occasional annoyance, I don't see this as a serious

And language is a subject that a lot of people are interested in and have
strong opinions on. I think we would lose a lot by insulating the group from
the general public. Outside ideas serve as a continued challenge to
orthodoxy and that's always a good thing.

--Dave Wilton
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        I would like to argue against closing the list to ADS members.
I would rather not lose the input of those who have something to say, or
a question to ask, but are not yet ready to join ADS.  I certainly would
not have joined the list myself if faced with this hurdle, though I now
have been an ADS member for several years.

        With respect specifically to Mr. Zurinskas, if his posts are
really found to be that objectionable, then the appropriate response is
to ban him individually, not to change policy generally.  A change in
policy would not necessarily even be effective, since ADS membership
currently is open to anyone whose check doesn't bounce.

John Baker

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