Tom Zurinskas

Mark A. Mandel mamandel at LDC.UPENN.EDU
Mon Dec 4 20:57:36 UTC 2006

Mr. Zurinskas: I have a suggestion which you may not find insulting. Point
your browser to and
search for "English". You may find some willing listeners there.

Fellow ADS-L subscribers: I subscribe to the ADS list by digest, because I
don't want to have to deal with all those individual messages coming into my
inbox every day. But I've been almost tempted to switch over to that format
just so I can killfile Mr. Zurinskas.

I haven't read the list for a number of days. It looks as if he has finally
worn out the goodwill of even the most forgiving among us. Hopefully he will
get the message and go peddle his papers somewhere else.

Mr. Zurinskas, you are a crank. I am tempted to call you a nut case, but you
don't quite reach the threshold of lunacy for that, since what you're
proposing is indeed superficially plausible. I'm not sure just where the
boundary is, since "superficially plausible" also applies to geocentric
astronomy: it's obvious to the simplest mind that the sun comes up in the
East, crosses the sky, and goes down in the West.

Your rantings were mildly amusing at first, but they have long since crossed
the threshold. Obviously you are paying no attention to what we say,
sticking your fingers in your ears and repeating your own blind beliefs over
and over again. There is no hope of convincing you; your personal flat Earth
admits of no contradiction. But I hope that you have finally come to realize
that you're not going to convince us and that you're wasting your time as
well as our own. Short of blocking you from the list -- which I have no
power to do and which I'm not sure the list owner would want to do -- that
is our best hope.

-- Mark A. Mandel
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