"Sillage" Not in OED2

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Not in OED2.

'On the other hand, he said admiringly, the
Guerlain scent had a marvellous sillage—the
olfactory wake that trails behind a wearer of
perfume. Someone once defined sillage to me,
rather metaphysically, as the sense of a person
being present in the room after she has left.
Creating a sillage that is potent but not
overpowering is tricky. With L’Eau d’Hiver,
Ellena said, he wanted to pay homage to the
Guerlain scent’s sillage—“but in enlightened form.”'

Annals of Innovation
The Scent of the Nile
Jean-Claude Ellena creates a new perfume.
by Chandler Burr
14 March 2005

Geurlain's "Sillage" dates from 1907:


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