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Identical or fraternal?

At 09:57 AM 12/14/2006, you wrote:
>I had a pair of twins in one of my freshman comp. classes this
>semester. They always sat together. One had slightly higher marks on
>writing assignments than the other.  Go figure.
>---Amy West
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>>Subject: Re: Pompey, nickname for Portsmouth
>>My uncle had twin daughters, three weeks older than me.  He made a
>>point of making sure that the two were never in the same class
>>(apparently back in those days the school system did not have a rule
>>about twins).  Theory?  Perhaps, but the two, although twins, were
>>very different.  Kay was brash and outgoing, Rebecca was bookish and
>>introverted.  Putting the two in the same class would have resulted
>>in each one comparing herself unfavorably with the other.  Also,
>>there is a strong tendency for teachers and classmates to assume
>>that twins are twins and therefore should be equally good both
>>socially and academically.  I'm sure my uncle was right.
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