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Chris F Waigl chris at LASCRIBE.NET
Mon Dec 18 15:38:39 UTC 2006

Scot LaFaive wrote:
> Personally, I love gratuitous vulgarity. It's fuckin' awesome.
> As for his definition, I agree with it. I think his examples of "shit" and
> "shite" strongly support it. For another example, how about /kak/ (cock) and
> /kaek/ (cock). The latter seems to have come about in the last 10 years,
> based on my personal experience.
> Scot

It was unclear to me what Mr Zurinskas might be referring to until I
read your reply.

What a childish and immature attitude to consider -- and worse, try to
enforce -- that some words are less fit than other to be chosen in order
to illustrate a phenomenon of language! Esp. since in the case at hand,
two words that have only one contrasting phoneme, but are nonetheless
not a minimal pair because they are synonyms, there aren't so many
non-obscure examples available.

Chris Waigl

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