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OED has 1955 for this particular sense of "loser".

"LET'S TALK IT OVER!" [advice column] Alma Whitaker
Los Angeles Times; Mar 5, 1939; pg. D6 col 1.
"People have to be taught music from earliest youth . . .  I feel
frightfully sorry for such a loser!"

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> On incongruity, I noticed "loser" used in "Santa Claus Is
> Coming to Town" (1970 if I read the Roman numeral date
> correctly". The Winter Warlock says -- "I still had some
> magic in me. I guess I'm not a loser after all."
> I know that I've seen this year after year, but that's the
> first time I noticed "loser."
> ---Amy West
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> >Subject: Judas H. Priest
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> >I was watching Sunset Boulevard the other night, and the
> subject phrase
> >popped out of Jack Webb.  I believe Barry Popik has pushed
> this back to
> >the 1800's, so this isn't an antedating, but it was sort of
> incongruous.
> >My mental image of Webb is Joe Friday, who is one squared-away dude.
> >But Webb does have a background in Jazz (he was married to
> Julie London
> >for  a while), so maybe his character in SB is more true to life.
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