Subject: Monkey's paw

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Thu Dec 21 00:49:26 UTC 2006

  I want to vouch for the usefulness of this resource as well. Where
did I encounter it? In a bookbinding workshop run by book conservator
Pam Spitzmuller: it's a reference book she turns to all the time for
knots to use in bindings, so it's not (har, har) just for seamanship.

---Amy West

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>Subject: Monkey's paw
>If anyone wants to lear how to make a monkey's fist in order to
>impress their friends they should go to The Ashley Book of Knots by
>Clifford Ashley. It looks spectacular but is ridiculously easy to
>tie as is the turk's head, another spectacular looking knot. They
>are both very useful as well as decorative in their various
>incarnations aboard ship in order to make it easier to hang onto a
>hand rail which is no doubt the reason you see them on so many old
>navy ships.

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