"We're not happy until you're not happy"

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The usual business slogan is "If you're (the customer) not happy, we're  (the 
business) not happy." Recently, it's been "We're not happy until  you're not 
happy." In today's Austin American-Statesman, it's said that this is  the 
motto of the U.S. General Services Administration. Government always has it  
A check shows that the phrase has also been attributed to the FAA, to SONY,  
and to tech support, all since 1997.
(Just spreading a little happiness this Christmas.)
_What it takes to preserve 'affordable' housing_ 
Austin American-Statesman  (subscription), TX -  <NOBR>21 ho
... that the US General Services Administration — the agency in  charge of 
getting the project built — has a motto: "We're not happy until  you're not 
happy." ...
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We're not happy until you're not happy. 
_Lookout for QEMM95_ 
+not+happy"&rnum=167&hl=en#9fed6767afef2b7c)        ... the calls to tech 
support. Remember, Tech Supports motto  is, "We're not
happy, until  you're not happy"! Basically they told me to  ... 
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_To NWA Pilots..._ 
're+not+happy"&rnum=165&hl=en#25f72aa2bfd2c4c7)        One of them made the 
comment that their motto is "We're  not happy until you're  not
happy." I guess they're gettin' happier, eh? -  Regards, JAWilliams 
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