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So:  This research seems to suggest that we must observe a more agile ONE-second rule.

I remember when I was in the the 3rd grade, the class was doing a unit on Holland.  The teacher approvingly noted that the Dutch keep their floors clean enough to eat off of.  I wondered why anybody would want to eat off the floor.  But then, why would anybody want to wear wooden shoes or live beneath sea level?


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>It was "busted."
>They tested pastrami (wet) and crackers (dry) on various surfaces at two and six seconds of contact. They then incubated the cultures they collected and counted the bacteria. The pastrami picked up more bacteria than the crackers. Also important was the location where it was dropped (some floors are cleaner than others; interestingly, a toilet seat was cleaner than most floors) and the amount of food surface area that touched the floor. But time was not a factor. It didn't make a difference whether the food was left on the floor for two seconds or for six.
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