Alamo back door quote (Joe E. Lewis? Maury Maverick Jr.?)

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Any idea about this Alamo back door quote? Texans swear it's from John F.  
Kennedy and Maury Maverick in 1960. Chicagoans swear it's from comedian Joe E.  
Lewis. I'll enter it later on my website. Not in the Yale Book of  Quotations.
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_National  Review_ ( ,  _Feb 
19, 2001_ (   by _Jay  
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Is there a final verdict on the Alamo? Perhaps one need look no further than  
John F. Kennedy's presidential campaign in 1960. After speaking at the Alamo, 
 JFK had hoped to avoid the gridlocked courtyard. Turning to his host, a 
Daughter  of the Republic of Texas, he asked for the Alamo's back door. "Senator," 
she  returned, "there are no back doors at the Alamo. Only heroes."   

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“John F. Kennedy visited the Alamo when he was president. At one point  he 
turned to one of his Texas hosts and said, 'Let's get the back door out of  
here.' "And his host replied, 'Mr. President, if there had been a back door,  
there wouldn't be an Alamo.' ”
-- Former Texas governor Ann  Richards, speaking in San Antonio  
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...if the Alamo had a back door, there wouldn't be a  Texas.
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19 September 1966, Chicago <i>Tribune</i>, pg. E1: 
You lend some credence to the theory of that noble historian, Joe E.  Lewis, 
who said: "No one would have ever heard of Texas if there'd been a back  door 
to the Alamo." 
16 February 1975 ,Washington <i>Post</i>, "What Makes Mo  Udall Laugh?", pg. 
What's so funny about the Alamo? Udall has filed a story he heard  about John 
F. Kennedy and former Congressman Maury Maverick of Texas. It seems a  crowd 
of 10,000 heard Kennedy at the Alamo in 1960 and while the candidate was  
speaking, one of his aides said to Maverick: "Maury, let's get Jack out the back  
door to avoid this crowd." Maverick answered: "There is no back door to the  
Alamo. That's why we had so many heroes." 
3 February 2003, New York <i>Times</i>, "Maury Maverick  Jr., 82, Champion of 
the Unpopular" by Michael T. Kaufman, pg. B7: 
Mr. Maverick was known for his wit. In the 1960 presidential  campaign, he 
was leading John F. Kennedy through a tour of the Alamo, where the  men most 
revered in the state made their last stand against Mexican troops. Mr.  Kennedy 
noted that he was behind schedule and asked Mr. Maverick to lead him out  a 
back door. 
"There is no back door," Mr. Maverick replied. "That's why they were  all 

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