Alamo back door quote (Joe E. Lewis? Maury Maverick Jr.?)

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Maybe someone can do better than these two very different sources in  
1961...Maury Maverick Jr.'s book is on Google Books, but the correct page  wouldn't 
load correctly!
20 July 1961, Oakland (CA) Tribune, pg. E49, col. 1: 
The TV  wrestlers are becoming familiar with Oakland and profess to be 
finding contempt  in the familiarity. 

It has developed this way elsewhere, even in Texas,  where Don Manoukian, the 
Stanford product, once made history when asked what he  thought of the state. 

“Now that I’ve met you Texans,” said Don over the  network, “ I know that 
if the Alamo had had a back door it wouldn’t be a  national monument today.” 

As fantastic and unreal as it might sound, the  insulted Texans crowded the 
arena the next night. 
2 November 1961, North Arkansas Times (Fayetteville, AK),  “Merry Go-Round” 
by Drew Pearson, pg. 4: 
Speaking at San Antonio to Texas  worshippers of the Alamo, (Senator Dennis—
ed.) Chavez paid his respects to those  who retreat. “If there’d been a back 
door to the building,” he said, “there  wouldn’t have been any Alamo.” 

The senior senator from New Mexico was  almost lynched. 

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