ADS in the horoscopes

Steve Kl. stevekl at PANIX.COM
Fri Feb 3 17:02:06 UTC 2006

So, I'm in chicago, and I'm at a deli eating some kreplach, and I'm
glancing through one of the free alternative papers, New City, and on the
page with the horoscopes, and "American Dialect Society" catches my eye:

Free Will Astrology, by Rob Brezsny

Sagittarius (Nov 22-Dec 21) The American Dialect Society has chosen the
best new words of 2005. Winning in the "most creative" category was "whale
tail," which refers to the top of a thong showing above the waistband of
pants or a skirt. But the frest coinage that's most meaningful to you
right now, Sagitarrius, is "truthiness." It's the quality people embody
when they assert concepts that they wish to be true instead of sticking to
the facts. [. . . ] It's always important for you to avoid
truthiness yourself and protest it when it spills from others. But it's
especially crucial now. Arm yourself with factiness.

-- Steve

The American Dialect Society -

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