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Fri Feb 3 18:04:38 UTC 2006

Steve Kl. wrote:
> So, I'm in chicago, and I'm at a deli eating some kreplach, and I'm
> glancing through one of the free alternative papers, New City, and on the
> page with the horoscopes, and "American Dialect Society" catches my eye:
> Free Will Astrology, by Rob Brezsny
> Sagittarius (Nov 22-Dec 21) The American Dialect Society has chosen the
> best new words of 2005. Winning in the "most creative" category was "whale
> tail," which refers to the top of a thong showing above the waistband of
> pants or a skirt. But the frest coinage that's most meaningful to you
> right now, Sagitarrius, is "truthiness." It's the quality people embody
> when they assert concepts that they wish to be true instead of sticking to
> the facts. [. . . ] It's always important for you to avoid
> truthiness yourself and protest it when it spills from others. But it's
> especially crucial now. Arm yourself with factiness.

We made it to Sports Illustrated as well (and they spelled our name
correctly, too!), in a column about the oft-repeated bogus claim about
the Superbowl attracting a billion viewers worldwide. (This is on p. 19
of the current issue; you have to subscribe to the dead-tree version to
access this on-line).

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