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>Can anyone help her?
>>Date: Fri, 03 Feb 2006 11:43:46 +0000
>>From: Maria da Fé Peres <mariafperes at sapo.pt>
>>Subject: Help for a meaning
>>I am a portuguese translator (english to portuguese) and am now puzzled
>>before the correct meaning of stillwoman. I found it in a book by Alma
>>Alexander, I am translating.
>>The sentence is:
>>Yuet had a very clear sense of her future, and knew that she would
>>probably have graduated (
) to becoming the healer and stillwoman of her
>>village’s wound and sicknesses, both animal and human.
>>Within the context, stillwoman seems some kind of activity regarding the
>>healing or taking care of health/diseases, and I was almost tempted in
>>translating for midwife.
>>Though I would not want to be disloyal to the original meaning.
>>Can you help me?
>>Thanks in advance
>>Maria Peres
Knowing nothing of the society in question, my WAG would be perhaps sitting
vigil with the newly-dead, or something similar.
A. Murie

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