"Whaddya, whaddya" (1992)

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This gives me an opportunity to put in a plug for Tom Wolfe as a craftsman. The_Rolling Stone_ version of _Bonfire_ is very different from the book. Wolfe rewrote it extensively for book publication, cutting, adding, and revising a surprising amount.


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>> Early "Whaddya, whaddya" citations welcome. HDAS? Was this in some =
movie (as
>> Google Groups indicates)?
>It's associated with the book _Bonfire of the Vanities_.
>Jesse Sheidlower
Amazon.com's Search Inside the Book feature is helpful . . . . .

_Bonfire of the Vanities_, Tom Wolfe . Farrar, Straus and Giroux; =
Updated edition (November 1, 1990) (first book publication 1987, first =
serial publication in Rolling Stone, 1984) p. 35

"It was the primordial shrug of the New York streets, the look that =
said, "Egggh, whaddaya? Whaddaya want from me?" "

The Waste Lands (The Dark Tower, Book 3) by Stephen King on Page 172: =
Signet (September 1, 2003) (originally published 1991)
" "Hey! Whaddaya-whaddaya?" the driver yelled, but Jake ignored him. "
We're No Angels: A Screenplay (Paperback)
by David Mamet Grove/Atlantic; 1st ed edition (May 1, 1990) (movie =
released 1989) page 72.
"JIM: Hell, whaddaya, whaddaya, Neddy. We're not going back. "

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