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Damn! I thought for a minute it was me; then I remembered that I was
from the South Midlands.

Creaky voice does indeed seem to have different symbolic functions in
different speech communities (as does breathy), which denasalized and
nasal seem to hold pretty constant in the caricatures associated with
them. It would be a swell panel. I would attend.


>In a message dated 2/18/06 1:08:34 PM, preston at MSU.EDU writes:
>>  Becky Roeder gave a paper at a Michigan Lingusitics Society meeting
>>  of several years ago at Wayne State) in which she showed some
>>  correlation between creaky voice in young European American females
>>  and their advancement in the Northern Cities Shift.
>>  dInIs
>Somebody needs to organize a creaky conference--or at least a creakyness
>panel at the next ADS meeting. (I'm not talking about the sounds that aging
>linguistics professors from the North Midlands, etc., make when they
>bend over--not
>THAT Northern Cities Shift).
>Maybe CREAKYNESS could be the WOTY for 2006.
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