Wrap = "Wind, Reel and Print" (and variants)

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Sun Feb 26 21:35:32 UTC 2006

>Here's a bit of faux etymology to follow up Ben Zimmer's earlier look at
>"it's a wrap" (see [1] and [2], below).  I've recently learned that there is
>an impression that "wrap" (in movie-industry parlance) is an acronym, with
>roots in the old days of film-making.
>[From Fiona Parker's "Letters:  Question Time," The Mirror [UK], 23 February
>2006, p. 47.]
>*Q*  WHY do directors say: "It's a wrap," at the end of filming? -- C
>Andrews, S London
>*A*  FILMS were originally made using celluloid to capture the images. When
>filming was over the director gave the instruction: "Wind, Reel And Print."
>They just shortened it to wrap.
Aside from the etymythology, we have another "Eats, Shoots & Leaves" here,
don't we?

W stands for >:<  War ____Waste___Wiretaps____Witchhunts  >:<

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