new (non-)coinage ("vagitarian")

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Mon Feb 27 04:58:06 UTC 2006

It's new to me, too, Larry. Of course, I have an excuse: I'm older than you
are. Nobody expects us old heads to be as hip as the young peppers. However,
I did come across a variation on an oldie at that site:

"... sups at the furry cup ..."

Back in the 'Fit-tiz ("fiddih/fiddiz," the current flapped version, was
unknown), we said:

"... drinks from the hairy cup."

Of course, BE speakers also say, "eat cock," with the same meaning. In fact,
"Yes, ma'am, I eat cock, too," in which "cock" is a one-to-one and onto
synonym of "pussy," is the punchline of a joke. OTOH, the universal use of
"cock" for "penis" by white authors spoiled a whole lot of umliterature for
me, till I had read enough of it that I finally became accustomed to it.


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> I just read a film review in the Yale Daily News of the recently
> released "Imagine Me & You" which concludes
> "the film is strikingly unremarkable--save for coining 'vagitarian',
> a delectable addition to the pop culture lexicon of Generation O.C."
> It's evident from the context that it means what it sounds like it
> should mean.  But to my non-surprise, this turns out not to be such a
> new coinage after all, given cites back to 2003 (cf.
>, if
> can be trusted, which it can't always), and even
> a recorded eponymous song, by the aptly named group Never Heard of
> It, with lyrics given at
> .
> There are 32K raw google hits for this term of art, although many are
> obvious duplicates.
> Well, it was new to me.
> LH
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