Side hog (KFC commecial)

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Mon May 1 03:03:15 UTC 2006

I was wondering if the HDAS has anything on "side hog," a term popularized
by a recent KFC commercial. Does anyone recall it before the KFC  commercial?
_KFC Mashed Taters Fo' Free? (Review of Kfc)_
(      27 Apr 2006
You've all seen that commercial with boy being a "side hog"  with the regular
KFC mashed potatoes, right? Well, all you side  hogs can get a FREE side of
potatoes in the new super duper  larger size! ...
_Judy's Book - Latest posts  - Seattle, WA - (
_side hog_
18 Apr 2006
Just  saw a new KFC commercial (well, at least I think its new). Family
the brother is scooping mash potato from the KFC bucket,  spoonful after
the sister finally said, "You  are...
_Chili - myspace Blog -
(      have you seen the new KFC
commercial that the girl calls the other guy a 'side  hog' cuz he eats all the mashed
potatoes?? well the girl  totally looks like ...  viewprofile&friendid=4103979
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