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Beverly Flanigan flanigan at OHIO.EDU
Wed May 3 17:49:02 UTC 2006

I've never heard "reckon" used to mean "fancy=like, prefer" (assuming
that's what 'fancy' means?).  I often hear it used on the BBC, as in
Appalachia, to mean "figure, take account, calculate"--from calculating
mathematical figures to calculating other implications or conclusions.

At 01:13 PM 5/3/2006, you wrote:
>Years ago, I had a friend from the original Ipswich
>who used "I reckon X" to mean the same as "I fancy X."
>Is it as weird to English-English speakers as it is to
>American-English speakers (to whom even "I fancy" itself
>is a tad  "different")?
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