a new eggcorn?

Laurence Horn laurence.horn at YALE.EDU
Mon May 8 03:48:56 UTC 2006

"Nether mind" for "never mind".  Maybe especially in, or originating
in, non-standard British varieties (e.g. "Cockney") in which the
/dh/-->/v/ substitution is common?


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ok nether mind my last post. im making big break throughs here i can
now see my models in tempest textured and in the quake game.

I pressed play and what I thought I saw was happening, one of the
guys was giving the other a blowjob. I didn't think Elaine was the
type of woman to own dildo's nether mind gay porn.

Being our first we did not know what to expect to find in the tin
nether mind finding it!

but the next 12hrs are on the sort of bumpy roads that you expected
in the first place; you will be lucky if you doze nether mind sleep

"Nether mind that, the importance is that you are kept safe".

[Nice greengrocer's apostrophe in "dildo's" too!]

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