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Wed May 10 16:24:41 UTC 2006

>I've heard "roo[vz]" a lot, along with "hoo[fs]," but I still go (I know a
>guy whose surname is "Stilgoe") with "roo[fs]" and "hoo[vz]," as I was
>taught. BTW, is the vowel [u] as in "too" or
>[U] as in "took"? I use [u] in both forms, again as I was taught, though
>I've heard these words with [U] so often in so many diffrerent locales that
>I have to monitor my pronunciation, lest I slip unconsciously to the Dark
>Side. They're getting to be like "eether" vs. "eyether" or "eeconomic" vs.
>"eckonomic." "Yuh pays yuh money and yuh takes yuh cherce."
 THis has been so much my experience, that I can use any of the above. I
don't think I ever say "r[U]vz," but practically any other combination of
these choices could be found in my speech.  Not "eyether," though (& not
"onvelope," eether).

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