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Laurence Horn <laurence.horn at YALE.EDU> writes
Ron writes:
> [...] SCALLOPINE MEXICANA (etc.) [...]
> I find, for example, in a Google search PIZZA MEXICANA, Beef
>Mexicana con Pappas, la mole mexicana, etc.

could be, but if it's always feminine--not just in the (la) pizza
case--I think that's because the "mexicana" itself would be a
shortening of "alla mexicana", which it turn would be a shortening of
the "alla moda mexicana".  Otherwise, we'd expect an equal number of
"mexicano", "franceso", and such.  Which would then allow for

In related news... I saw "terra incognito" in a friend's blog. I asked him
about it, and he replied, "can't recall having seen it with an 'a' but I'll
fix it. [...]I've just only ever seen it written with a terminal 'o'

I answered:
        Hmm. I didn't realize the mistake was that common, but I should've
guessed it would be.

        Googits (Google hits):
        about 3,730 for "terra incognito"
        about 88,700 for "terra incognita"

-- Mark
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