"Chuck up"?

Wilson Gray hwgray at GMAIL.COM
Wed May 17 23:50:11 UTC 2006

Thank you
for the information and the reminder of the tube = subway vs. tube = TV
dichotomy. Also, allow me to apologize
for the attitude inherent in my formulation of the question. It's long since
been noted that only an American would say that "the English speak
English with an English
accent" or words to that effect. ;-)


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> Wilson asked:
> > I've just heard an Englishman on the tube speaking of Asian food say,
> "It
> > didn't appear to be anything that would make me _chuck up_."
> >
> > Is this an ordinary variant of "upchuck," the only American version that
> > I've ever heard or read?
> Yes.  Completely normal.  I think that *upchuck* is marked over there as
> 'American' (whatever that means), as you might expect.
> Wilson, I suppose you mean you heard this on the telly?  For Brits, as
> you'll
> know, of course, the tube / Tube is the London Underground!  Unless you're
> actually *in* London at the moment;  but I'm sure you'd have said if it
> was
> relevant, so I think Barry is our only itinerant member at the moment.
> Damien Hall
> University of Pennsylvania
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