Showing "ADS-L" in message subjects

sagehen sagehen at WESTELCOM.COM
Thu May 25 18:04:05 UTC 2006

>In that past, we've discussed the possibility of displaying
>the name of the list in the subject line of postings. We had
>concluded that it was not possible to do it on an individual
>basis, and suggested that people use filtering options with their
>mail program based on the sender's address (i.e. the listserv
>address) if they needed to route ADS mail elsewhere.
>In fact it is trivially easy to add the list name ("ADS-L") to
>message subjects. Simply send e-mail to the listserv at
>containing only the line
>and from then on all list mail will have "[ADS-L]" in the subject
>line, before the actual subject. You can then use it to filter
>automatically or mentally, as you prefer.
>I can change this setting for you as well, but this should not
>be necessary.
>Jesse Sheidlower
>co-listowner, ADS-L
My early version Eudora (Light 3.13; NOT the one with the built-in scold)
will filter ADS-L into its proper mailbox if "ADS-L" appears in any part of
the header.  OTOH if "ADS-L" appeared in every subject line, I think it
would mess up the sorting feature, which I often use to collect all the
discussion on a particular thread for filing.  A. Murie

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