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>At 4:23 PM +1000 5/28/06, Prof. Roland Sussex wrote:
>>On acronyms, intialisms and related things:
>>In Russian and many E. European languages under Communism there was a
>>vogue for formations like kolkhoz "collective farm" from KOLlektivnoe
>>XOZjajstvo. "PanAm" is in this category, also Comintern. The standard
>>term was "stump compounds". "Stump" is useful, since it gets away from
>>definitions of the syllable: one often takes CVC rather than CV to clip
>>the first component of the compound.
>>"Clipping" is another relevant term, but another can of worms.
>"Clipping" doesn't work for me, given its primary use for the "math",
>"bus", "za" class of simple truncations.  I like "stump", but it
>can't be "stump compound", because many of them are phrases rather
>than compounds.  I've used "clipronyms" as a nonce blend for
>classroom reference, but I'm not crazy about it and thought there
>might be a standard alternative.
 If names like "Fannie Mae" & "Freddy Mack" (however they may be spelled)
are part of this class, "stump" or "clip" won't cover the problem.  Maybe
we should just give in and call them all "nicknyms."
I do prefer to keep "acronym" for just those whose initials give something
pronounceable w/out added letters.

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