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> JACK AND JILL BATHROOM--12,900 Google hits
> JACK AND JILL BATH--19,000 Google hits
> ...
> My wife and I went house-hunting and saw some beautiful homes. One has a
> "jack and jill bathroom," or a bathroom between two rooms. Not in OED or Double
> Tongued.Word Wrester.

Never heard of a "jack and jill bath|bathroom" before.

I thought it might be a regional thing, but Google search results pull
up a house ad for Santa Cruz (which is within fifty miles from where
I've lived since 1960).

First mention in Google News is 1999:

In San Francisco I had to get used to split baths|bathrooms. Now I'll
need to add "Jack and Jill bath|bathroom" to my real estate lexicon.
I've seen them, mind you, but always called "shared bath|bathroom" or
some such.


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