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Last  year Bill Mullins found some 1885's. This is slightly earlier:

1882 Frank S. Triplett _The Life, Times, and Treacherous Death of Jesse 
James_  (rpt. N.Y.: Konecky & Konecky, 1970) 110: San Antonio, or as the Texan  
affectionately and lazily calls it, San Antone.


I should have killed myself years ago.
I'm Barry Popik, I have a website with lots of Texas terms on it. It's won  
no awards--actually, I've never won any award. 
Anyway, "San Antone" has been on my website for at least five months:
Entry from September 21, 2006 
San Antone (San Antonio)
San Antonio has been called “San Antone” from at least the 1840s.  

7 May 1840, Army and Navy Chronicle, “Texian Navy,” pg. 296:  
San Jacinto 
San Bernard 
San Antone 

January  1853, United States Review, “A Stray Yankee in Texas,” pg. 93: 
When  we left San Antone in such haste, I engaged a friendly Mexican to bring 
it along  as soon as he could, upon pack mules. 

31 March 1854, New York Daily  Times, pg. 2: 
“They give us fifty cent a pound for our butter in San  Antone!” 

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