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FWIW, in my entire life, I've heard "nigra" used only once by a black
person and he spelling-pronounced it as [naigr@]. Clearly, he knew the
word only from having read it somewhere. OTOH, he pronounced "Negro"
as [nigro], possibly because he was a native of Minneapolis.

An older person that I once knew, a black man who was born in Virginia
ca.1890, always pronounced "Negro" as [nEgr@].

My personal experience is that the "standard" BE pronunciation of
"Negro" is [nIgro].


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> In replay to Joel Berson's question, "are you sure GWTW uses "nigra"?"
> I read GWTW exactly once, during the 1962-63 school year, and it was
> during a train trip through the South, which underlined just how
> unrealistic the novel was.  I recall the spelling "nigra" because I did
> not recall ever having seen it before, or since.  All I can tell you of
> the edition I was reading is that it was a mass-market paperback.
>     - Jim Landau
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