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A fire tragedy occurred in the Bronx last week, killing ten. It's been  
written that 22 people (17 children) lived in a one-family structure. The  families 
were from Mali.
It's been said that New York is a "sanctuary city" (a hot-button political  
term, especially from the following cites from Conservatives), but I don't see  
the term in the OED. Is the revised OED going to have it? What's the earliest 
 for this legal term?
A Sanctuary City
A 'sanctuary city' is one whose leaders  do not permit police or municipal 
employees to inquire about the  immigration status of those within the city 
limits, or for such employees  to cooperate with federal immigration officials 
under most circumstances.  Los Angeles, San Francisco, Boston, New York, and 
several others are such  lawless, crime infested cities.
Sanctuary City? For whom?
By  Mike Gallagher
Friday, December 8,  2006
And that’s because Dallas is a so-called “sanctuary city”, where the mayor  
and city council members are a bunch of bleeding hearts who don’t have the 
guts  to stand up for the law and denounce illegal immigrants. They have chosen 
to  coddle illegals. They don’t want their police department or district 
attorney’s  office to be about the business of turning over illegals, or visiting 
foreigners  who break the law, to the feds.  
But of course when a brutal murder occurs, everyone points fingers of blame  
at everyone else. The city blames immigration officials, the immigration folks 
 blame the city.
_State of Emergency: The Third World Invasion and Conquest  of America - Page 
25_ (
by Patrick J. Buchanan - 2006 - 308 pages
In 1989,  Mayor Ed Koch made New York a "sanctuary city" when he issued 
Order 124, forbidding city workers from informing the Immigration and  ...
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