pronun. of "yahoo," [now 'to wahoo']

William Salmon william.salmon at YALE.EDU
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Is anyone familiar with the verb "to wahoo", meaning something like 'to
steal'?  More particularly, to steal beer?  As I understand it, it
refers to the act of an underaged person grabbing beer in a store and
running out past the counter without paying for it.  It was used pretty
commonly in south Texas where I grew up.

I don't recall ever having heard it used to describe the theft of
anything other than beer, and I'm not sure it could be used to describe
shoplifting--sneaking something under one's coat, etc.--or other kinds
of theft more commonly associated with the 8th commandment.

Google hits are pretty sparse, though UrbanDictionary has a relevant

"That clerk nearly shot us when we wahooed all that Molson's."

> Is this still about "yee-ha?" and the Texas yell?
> Sam Clements
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> Subject: pronun. of "yahoo," n.
>> OED offers [jhu] only, which is the educated pronunciation.
>>  IIRC, old westerns pronounce it [ 'je:hu: ], and, outside the classroom,
>> I have heard it so pronounced in the South.  I never heard it at all in
>> NYC, outside of the classroom.
>>  JL
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