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FWIW, I did a "yeehaw" entry.  
Yeehaw (Yee-ha; Yee-haw)
"Yeehaw” (or “yeeh-ha” pr “yee-haw") is similar to the yell “yahoo!” It  
indicates excitement, exuberance, and delight. “Yee-haw!” is imitative of the  
bray of a donkey. 

_Urban  Dictionary_ (  
yee haw 
1. What a cowboy or redneck might say;  equivalent to the urban “Yeah!” or “
2. A stupid redneck. 
1.  Yee haw! Boy howdy! 
2. Look at that yee haw blowing into his jug and  dancing like a monkey. 
by SC.Zee Apr 1, 2004 

yee haw  
A non descript exclamation which usually accompanies alot of hooting and  
whistling at whatever is causing the excitement. Most likely coined in the  
southern states of north America (eg Texas). Can also be used to punctuate  
traditional country and western music. 
It might also be exclaimed by the  rider of a bull or bucking bronco at a 
rodeo or their spectators. 
Whilst  at the rodeo the rider of the bucking bronco yelled; 
by Dacarlo Apr 8, 2004 

_Cowboy  Lyrics_ 
Artist/Band: Owen Jake 
Lyrics for Song: Yee Haw 
Lyrics  for Album: Startin With Me 

It’s five o’clock, just got paid: 
I’ll be  off the next two days. 
No more workin’ like dogs, 
No more leash, no more  boss. 
I’ve got a weekend of nothin’ to do at all: 
Yee Haw! 

I  know a place down the road, 
The girls are hot, the beer is cold. 
It’s  two-for-one, yeah, that’s right: 
Not just drinks; it’s girls to guys. 
I  hear the twins are back in town from Saginaw: 
Yee Haw! 

You take your  all-right; you take your can’t-wait. 
A lotta of bring-it-on an’ some damn  straight, 
An’ mix it all up with some down home southern drawl, y’all:  
You got your yee haw!  

_Internet Movie  Database_ (  
Plot summary for 
My Darling Clementine (1946)  
“My Darling Clementine” is John Ford’s retelling of the Earp/Clanton fued,  
and the famous show down at the OK Corral. Ford embellishes on the story by  
centering the plot on the fictional character Clementine (Doc Holliday’s  
schoolteacher flame from back east). Written by Jeff Walker  {pasingphas at} 

My Darling Clementine Script - Dialogue Transcript 

[Singing  Continues] 
Yee-ha! Ya-hoo!  
Yee,  yippa-hoo! Yeah-ha! 

(Oxford English Dictionary) 
yeehaw, int.  
Chiefly U.S 
[Imitative. Cf. YAHOO int.] 
An exclamation of enthusiasm  or exuberance; ‘yahoo!’ 
[1929 N.Y. Times 24 Mar. 5/8 The old ballads  had a feeling not found in ‘
mammy’ songs… They seemed to have possessed  something more than derives from 
the efforts of the strident lads whose  ‘m-a-m-m-ys’ yee-haw upon a stricken 
and helpless world.] 1941 Jrnl. Negro  Educ. 10 83 He lets go. ‘Yee-hoo-oo-o!’ 
George says, and all for the  freedom. 

7 September 1844, Milwaukie (WI) Sentinel, pg. 3, col.  3: 
As a well dressed lady was proceeding down Third Avenue, on Wednesday, a  
huge jackass was observed to throw up his nose etc.—Presently he kicked up his  
heels, and with a most sonorous yee-haw! yee-haw! set off at the top of his  
speed down the avenue. 

8 May 1875, Dallas (TX) Weekly Herald, pg.  1: 
[From the Rochester Democrat.] 
Then of all the pullin’ and  haulin’ and sweatin’ and gruntin’ and tuggin’ 
and liftin’ and yeehawin’ you ever  seen or heard of, we yeehawed. 

_Google  Books_ 
Lutchmee and Dillio: a study of West Indian Life 
by  Edward Jenkins 
London: W. Mullan & Son 
in three volumes  
Volume II 
Pg. 12: 
Yee-ha!—oh ha! 
Who see de niggah? 
Yo  ha!—yee ha! 
Where go de niggah? 
Singing for Jee-roo-sa-lem,  
Singing for Jee-roo- 
Singing for Jee-roo- 
Singing  for Jee-roo-sa-lem! 

_Google  Books_ 
The Snake-dance of the Moquis of Arizona 
by John  Gregory Bourke 
New York: Scribner 
Pg. 161: 
“This was  repeated eight or ten times, all singing a refrain, keeping time 
by stamping  vigorously with the right foot: ‘Oh-ye-haw, oh-ye-haw,  
ha-yee-ha-ha-yee-ha-ha-yi-ha-a-a-a,’ chanted a dozen tomes or more with a slow  measure 
and graceful cadence.” 

1 May 1902, Des Moines (Iowa) Daily  Leader, pg. 7, col. 6: 
A donkey can put a great deal of pathos into its  yeehaw! yeehaw! 

15 July 1906, Washington Post, pg. 8 ad:  

6 August 1943, Sheboygan (WI)  Press, pg. 7, col. 5: 
Similar to the bray of a mule is the “yee haw”  yell of Marine parachutists 
who “give” when they dive from the plane into space. 

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