Safety Pin Stew

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I too remember the stone soup story, but I've never heard of safety pin
soup. Sounds kind of scary and painful.


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>Jerry E Kane wrote:
> > A student in my yoga class brought/prepared a salad for an after class
> > -together.
> > She refered to the salad as a "safety pin salad".  I had never heard
> > term before.
> > The lady old me that the term was a derivation of "safety pin stew".
> > heard the term was used in a children's book.  The story was about a
>stranger who
> > comes to
> > town and tells the citizens that he is going to make "safety pin stew".
> > starts with
> > a safety pin and then asks everyone to contribute the ingredients.
> >
> > I did a google search, with no results. Has anyone heard or used this
> >
>That sounds like the "stone soup" that I remember being the subject of a
>children's book, back when I was a child. Yep...Amazon has, among other
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