pronun. of "yahoo," n.

Charles Doyle cdoyle at UGA.EDU
Mon Mar 12 15:56:43 UTC 2007

Growing up in Texas, I knew the word "yahoo," prounounced ['je:hu], some years before I read _Gullier's Travels_, many years before I heard a professor give the "educated prounuciation" of the term for the critters who shat upon Gulliver in his fourth voyage.


>At 3/11/2007 07:15 PM, Jon L wrote:

OED offers [jhu] only, which is the educated pronunciation.

IIRC, old westerns pronounce it [ 'je:hu: ], and, outside the classroom, I have heard it so pronounced in the South. I never heard it at all in NYC, outside of the classroom.

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