'fountain drink with mixed flavors'

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We had a term for this during the mid-80's in northern WI. While at Boy
Scout camp in the summers, we would order a Slush Puppy with every flavor. I
think we called it either a Suicide or Kamikaze Slush Puppy, but I can't
really remember...I just remember we (me and a small group of friends) made
up a name for this "new" drink.


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>My husband and his coworkers during his fry-cook high school days
>would drink a Klingon Killer at work: a mix of all the fountain
>sodas. I think the term was private to the crew at that fried chicken
>restaurant (local, family run, not chain). Now our sons ask for
>Klingon Killers at home: there's no set ingreient list: it depends on
>what's at hand.
>---Amy West
> >Date:    Tue, 20 Mar 2007 14:15:22 -0400
> >From:    Charles Doyle <cdoyle at UGA.EDU>
> >Subject: 'fountain drink with mixed flavors'
> >
> >When I was a Texas teenager, adventurous habitues of the
> >soda-fountain would sometimes order a drink make from a squirt of
> >each available syrup, the glass then filled with carbonated water.
> >The local term for the resulting beverage was SHIPWRECK.
> >
> >Recently I discovered that some Georgians, a whole generation
> >younger, have other terms for such a miscellaneous concoction, like
> >
> >Do still other terms exist? Regionally distributed, or in some other
> >pattern?  Of course, the soda fountain itself may be an almost
> >extinct phenomenon, but I've seen young people go down the
> >self-serve repertory of drink spouts at fast-food restaurants,
> >mixing.
> >
> >--Charlie
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