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James C Stalker stalker at MSU.EDU
Thu May 3 03:58:32 UTC 2007

I was taught the same rule.  As I remember, "and" was to be used only before
cents, in phrases such as: one hundred thirty three dollars and fifty two


Arnold M. Zwicky writes:

> to pull out one small point, about "and" in number names (in general,
> not just in year names).  i recall being taught at some point in
> school that things like "one hundred and two", "two hundred and
> thirty", etc. were vulgar errors (in both speech and writing), that
> "and" should never be used in such expressions.  (this might have
> been an instance of Omit Needless Words).  the lesson seems not to
> have stuck with me, since i sometimes use one version, sometimes the
> other.

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