Trip trap trip trap (was Re: Can sound be put in these messages?)

Scot LaFaive spiderrmonkey at HOTMAIL.COM
Fri May 11 21:36:41 UTC 2007

What exactly does "trip, trap, trip, trap" imply? I see that it's from the
"Three Billly Goats Gruff," a story which I'm actually not familiar with.

Scot LaFaive

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>trip, trap, trip, trap...
>Tom Zurinskas wrote:
> > I guess what some are saying is that they're using some old dial-up
> > that can't handle the size of sound files.  I simpathize with you.
> > Meanwhile, in modern times, there are cable modems and DSL telephone
> > that have no problem with bandwidth.  Get onboard.  Meanwhile should
> > diminished capability hold back others?
> >
> > I have to say that anyone who would want to thwart sharing sound files
> > this forum has some agenda against something or someone that is beyond
> > comprehension.
> >
> > Meanwhile there have been some good suggestions as to how to do it.  I
> > appreciate that.  I know there are some programs that put a link in an
> > to go to a voice message.  Perhaps that would work.
> >
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