Hamburger sausage, with long, narrow roll and mustard (1890)

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>From GenealogyBank. "Hamburger sausage"? Sounds like a "hot dog" to me. Of
course, the hot dog on a roll with (French's) mustard was invented at the  1904
St. Louis World's Fair, as we all know.
8 November 1890, Lowell (MA) Sun, pg. 2, col. 1 [NEWSPAPERARCHIVE}:
8 November 1890, Daily Herald (Grand Forks, ND), pg. 3:
_Cheap Wall Street Lunches._
With the fall weather the Hamburger sausage has made its appearance in Wall
street. The junior clerks and messenger boys who work in that section of the
city patronize street lunches extensively. In summer fruit, cake and
sandwiches  seem to be very popular, but with the cooler temperature the sausages
attain  great vogue. They are dispensed from steamers in which they are kept hot,
and  are served in these long, narrow rolls, with, if the purchaser desires, a
dash  of mustard. And really they are very good. I have noticed that they are
bought  by men who evidently are not forced to get them on the score of
economy, and the  number carried away by office boys when they have finished their
own is somewhat  striking.--New York Telegram.
3 February 1894, Omaha (NE) World Herald, pg. 1:
Yesterday they maintained their record for liberality by sending up a big
platter of steaming hot hamburger sausage.
15 August 1898, Omaha (NE) World Herald, pg.7:
WANTED--Two good Coney Island red hot or hamburger sausage men, must be
quick and good spieler; four jinrikasha men.

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