Frankfort sausage between bread at Coney Island (1884)

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FWIW, from GenealogyBank.  Here's a hot dog on a roll at Coney Island  in
1884, and a hot dog on a roll with mustard in Chicago in 1890. The latter
article is also in NewspaperArchive, as I pointed out here on June 19, 2004.
However, that copy of it (January 18, 1890 Salem, OH Daily News) was nearly
24 October 1884, Grand Forks (ND) Daily Herald, pg. 4:
It was on a Coney Island boat. (...) The big elephant was blurred from his
sight, and the gleaming houses on the island lost their interest for him,and he
 sighed when at last he saw the heartless damsel masticating a toothsome
Frankfort sausage between two crusty pieces of bread and taking her place on a
29 January 1890, Knoxville (TN) Journal, pg. 7:
"This class is the most common," said the detective. "See, he sells hash,
bread and Frankfort sausage, red-hot."
"Vill de shentlemens haf some red-hots und brod?" asked the cook, as he
placed his copper kettle on the curb. In a twinkling the table was set up. His
wares were good. Hot, home-made hash, with good bread and butter, made excellent
 sandwiches for a hungry rounder of policeman. The red-hots were generally
cut in  two longitudinally and smothered in mustard. The merchant willingly told
how he  made his living.

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