Nappy-headed Hos (Was: "Nappy-headed who'es" redux)

Mark A. Mandel mamandel at LDC.UPENN.EDU
Mon May 21 20:44:30 UTC 2007

Bev wonders if the flame duel between Wilson and Rey is
 >Evidence that we might want to consider moderating this list?

I don't think so. Without studying the whole sequence, I *think* that Rey
went somewhat over the top and Wilson somewhat more so in an escalating
spiral. This is definitely not typical of Wilson, and while I don't remember
seeing much here from Rey, memories of my own correspondence with him years
ago, when MALEDICTA was a periodical, don't match this behavior at all. I
know I've said things here that I've later regretted, and I doubt that I'm
alone in that.

Whoops. After seeing Rey's response to Bev, I *hope* he was just having a
very, very bad day.

But after following James Harbeck's link to Wikipedia, I'm afraid that may
not be the case. Sigh.

I'll make one try. Rey, this isn't funny. It isn't bantering and it isn't
friendly teasing. Maybe you perceive it that way, but we here don't. If
you're going to hang out in this coffeehouse, make an attempt to fit in.
It's not a biker bar, an alligator pit, or a mud wrestling scene. (Apologies
to any bikers, alligators, or mud wrestlers who may read this.)

Mark Mandel

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