Call for Aman's banning

Reinhold (Rey) Aman aman at SONIC.NET
Mon May 21 21:02:47 UTC 2007

Paul Johnston bitched about Reinhold Aman's cruel ad hominems:


> A crank is one thing, but this is something else.

Remember, guys & guyettes, what I wrote to James Harbeck?

      "Like every twit and twat who has bitched about my verbal
      aggression against fools and non-clinical morons, you
      yourself engage in quite nasty verbal aggression."

Bingo!  Another twit.  Q.E.D.

I don't know whether this Paul Johnston is that ghastly,
effeminate-looking and possibly transgendered Associate Professor/Chairperson:

but if he is, I'd advise him to leave the house only at night to
prevent his scaring the women and horses.

Reinhold (Rey) Aman

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