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>>>>I know I also insert a vowel sound there. But now that I know it's
>>>>I will continue to do so :)
>>>Are you aware of other places in your dialect (or idiolect?) where
>>>you similarly insert a schwa between [p] and [l]? That is, is there a
>>>documentable transformation pattern?
>>I'm from Edmonton Alberta and I also insert a schwa--but we Canadians
>>are famous for that.
>>(I also say "ash-phault" for "asphalt.")
>As soon as I read that last comment, it occurred to me to check where
>the Cowboy Junkies (and in particular their lead singer, Margo
>Timmins) hail from, because it always puzzled me that they sing about
>"ashphalt" (in "200 More Miles").  Sure enough, they're all
>Torontonians.  Not Alberta, but apparently close enough for
>(Canadian) government work.
"Ash-phalt" is hardly confined to Canada.  I've heard it everywhere I've
lived in the states (middle west, west coast, northeast).

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