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Dave Hause dwhause at JOBE.NET
Thu May 24 02:37:12 UTC 2007

If you send the message "query ads-l" to listserv at LISTSERV.UGA.EDU
(note , this is NOT a "reply" to the list) you get back something that looks
like this:
Subscription options for Dave Hause <dwhause at JOBE.NET>, list ADS-L:

MAIL           You are sent individual postings as they are received
FULLHDR        Full (normal) mail headers
REPRO          You receive a copy of your own postings
NOACK          No acknowledgement of successfully processed postings

If yours says "NOREPRO" then send the command "set ads-l repro" to the same
address.  Leave the quotes out of commands and you don't need a subject
line.  There is more info available by sending the message "help".
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My own comments aren't sent back to me via the list.  And no one ever
to them.  I can live with the latter; but due to the former, I'm  wondering
if that's normal, or if they're not going thru?


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